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ONE'S News


A new project in collaboration with Architect Carlo Colombo to create unique fabric collections. 

Schermata 2022-01-26 alle 11.03.19.png

This is a "FUTURO" campaign for ONE.

Made by Lorenzo Fornaciari.



ONE World

Micro Macro foto experience with CMP Design. 

One of the coolest Italian design studio imagine a fabric's world for ONE Mario Sirtori 


Fabric's Mask Collection

2020's Mask Series by Mark Choi Studio from Seul. 

A design and an artist who play with fabrics to make tribal art 


ONE's Commercial 19/20

What's an Interior Designer doing in a sea of fabrics? 


ONE Still Life

The first "Motion Still Life" in the world made by the young artist and director "novesedicesimi". 

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