100% Trevira CS


App. 140 cm


270 g/m² (+/- 5%)

Abrasion resistance

40.000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2)


4 (EN ISO 12945-2)


Sound absorption

UNI EN ISO 354:2003 αw : 0,60

Light fastness

4/5 (EN ISO 105-B02)

Fastness to rubbing

Wet 5; Dry 5 (EN ISO 105X12)


Wet cleaning warp

Please see the ISO symbols


This product has been piece-dyed, following a certain mechanical working process in order to obtain a non homog- enous aspect. Therefore, possible folds or non uniformities of dyeing and/or aspect, must not be considered flaws but rather unique features of this article. Batch to batch chromatic variations must be considered as normal and are to be evaluated with the usual tolerance of this type of fabric. Work separately different dye lots.

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